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The purpose of Childlife is to provide the street children in Mae Sai with a safe
refuge, shelter and home, food, health and non-formal education.
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Mae-Sai is Thailand's
nothernmost point. It is
situated in the Golden
Triangle at the border
to Myanmar.

The situation: Every
day thousands of Thais
and foreign tourists cross the border to Myanmar to do some cheap shopping,while many
Burmese and Shan come to sell goods, find some work or beg for money. Drug trafficking
and human trafficking are a big business in Mae Sai and are a huge problem. In the recent
years not only young Thai girls have been lured into prostitution, but more and more girls
from the hill tribes, the Shan state, Mynamar, Laos and China's southern provinces have
been brought into Thailand to sell them to brothels nationwide as well as abroad.
Amphetamines are available for less than 50 Cents. Discrimination, poverty, illiteracy,
the high mortality rate amon the hill tribes and the high HIV rate(95% of Mae Sai's
prostitutes are approximately infected) are further problems.

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Kinderleben Eine Zukunft für Strassenkinder in Mae Sai e.V.
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